9 month update

It’s been waaaay too long since I have blogged! An update is long overdue. First off, I want to say that I’m doing fantastic health-wise. I’m constantly eating, so I’ve gained some weight and I’m currently up to 145 lbs. I’ve grown fat and happy, as my Dad likes to say. My lungs are as powerful as ever. The FEV1 on my spirometry tests still registers at 4.14 liters, meaning that I can exhale 4.14 liters of air in one second after taking the deepest breath possible and blowing out as hard as I can. A normal 23 year old with no health problems could exhale about 4.25 liters in one second, so I am roughly at 97.4% percentage-wise. I truly have an awesome pair of breathers. When I go on walks with my parents and my niece Christiana, its customary that I race Christiana home, starting at the end of our block. It’s about 100 meters, and I can all-out sprint the entire way with no problem. It’s so exhilarating to all-out sprint! The feeling of having air rush all the way up from the bottom of my lungs with no wheezing or obstruction is such a blessing.

Pretty much the opposite of Murphy’s Law (anything that can go wrong, will go wrong) has been the case during my transplant and the (almost) 9 months since. Everything has gone right. March 15th will be 9 months, and so I’ll have to celebrate my health somehow, maybe with another blog post with a video of me sprinting and running? I don’t know.

I have two part-time jobs, both pretty low-profile data entry jobs. One is at the Cistercian Abbey library, and the other is at the company that my brother and sister work at called Varidesk. They are perfect for my current schedule (I still have a lot of doctor’s appointments) and they have been a perfect way to ease back into normal life.

I am scheduled for a bronchoscopy (fairly routine procedure for post-transplant patients) on March 15th so they can check out my lungs and make sure everything is as expected. Please pray that it goes well! Thank you!