St. Therese strikes again


St. Thérèse is so awesome. Tonight, I got this text from a totally random number. After a few back and forth messages, I learned that Brenda (the lady who drew this) draws to give glory to God and to show that her Parkinson’s disease will never take away her God-given talent. She drew this free-hand and “accidentally” sent it to me. I think St. John Paul II (who had Parkinson’s) and St. Thérèse may be trying to tell me something…that heaven is always watching! It even has a ’65’ in the area code. 65 roses, anyone?!

I said this about St. Thérèse before transplant: “Lung transplants were not even remotely possible in her day, but I have full confidence that she will be with me every step of the way, urging me to never lose the ardent desire to become a saint which she herself had until the day she died.”

She is most certainly with me and will continue to be.