Who do? UDU

This is a year old but still epic video about University of Dallas Ultimate (a.k.a. UDU), which has been my favorite club to be a part of at UD. We have a website here: udultimate.wix.com/udultimate

This weekend I spent about 14 hours on my feet cheering on my teammates at a tournament. It was awesome. We advanced in our bracket and dominated the other Division III schools, including Rice and TCU who went to Nationals last year. We have the best team we’ve ever had this Spring, so this is gonna be a fun semester.
One thing I love is that we pray to Mary before and after every game. If we win the game, we pray “Our Lady of Victory – pray for us” and “Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for them” – them meaning the other team.
I can’t really play all that much because I don’t have the physical stamina or lung capacity, but this is just another little suffering that I can offer to God.
In ultimate frisbee lingo, a “sick bid” is when someone running full speed dives and goes all out for the frisbee. I may not be able to do those kinds of “sick bids” but I can do my own “sick bid” by offering my sickness to God for the team’s success and cheering as loudly as I can with the lung power that I do have.


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