Queen my dishes, please.

If you watch Rangers baseball, you have probably heard the joke from that AT&T commercial that was on all the time…

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Queen, who?

Queen my dishes, please.

It’s a dumb joke, but it sorta grows on you. As anyone in my family could tell you, my mom likes being called Queen Joan. At the end of this past April was her birthday and I didn’t know what to do for her. After the billionth time seeing that commercial, it was like something clicked in my head and I decided to write a poem about my mom, Queen Joan (which I’ll share below).

Just saying, if you haven’t done it in a while, take the time to thank your mother for the gift of life, and for all she has done in raising you. Every mother should be treated as the queen of her family’s universe!

In Old Testament times, the queen of the kingdoms in Israel was actually a “Mother Queen”, because the kings of the line of David had too many wives for just one of them to be named queen. The Mother Queen was the second most important person in the kingdom, and almost every Davidic king is listed along with his mother in Scripture! That’s why the Blessed Virgin Mary as both Jesus’ mother and as His queen makes sense.

I wrote this poem for my mom, but it is indirectly written to the quintessential Mother, who reigns as Mother Queen in heaven. It’s modeled after “O Captain! My Captain!” by Walt Whitman.

(note: a Diamond Jubilee is a celebration of a monarch having ruled for 60 years)

For Her Majesty, Queen Joan

O QUEEN! my Queen! seated with poise on a golden throne,
Angels sing in exaltation the name of Joan,
Ambassador of Justice, leading light of Temperance,
Shining star of Courage, paradigm of Prudence,
Worker of the needle in an intricate tapestry,
Each thread an act of selfless good will,
She gifted the world with seven tiny miracles,
Granting them the infinite life of their Creator,
Ensuring God’s love in the garden of their hearts to till.

O Queen! my Queen! her journey’s just begun,
Her vessel guided gracefully in the light of the Sun,
As she enters the years of her prime,
Her soul’s beauty endures through time;
But O Faith! Hope! Love!
O boundless maternal embrace,
Cradled in the arms of my Blessed Mother,
As a child peering upwards to find the divine visage
Written in the majesty of her wise and noble face.

No woman called Queen deserves the title more
Than the radiant Matriarch today turning three score.
Her hair held up in a regally dignified twist,
Her stately brow shaped by many Truths reminisced.
No comparison is there to the spark in her eyes,
Bespeaking a rare strength of soul, unknown to this earth,
To which no Diamond Jubilee could ever do homage,
And that, like the glimmering of a perfectly faultless jewel,
Reflects God’s beautiful Kingdom of unending joy and mirth.


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